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2015 Preview

By James Thompson | 27th December 2014

2015 is going to be a big year for Soniccouture. We will be celebrating our 10th anniversary; we released Abstrakt Vol.1 in August 2005 and have never, as they say, looked back. Soniccouture Stuff We will have new branding (shown above) and a new website ready in Q1 2015 – with super-fast Google Cloud based…

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After All – Our Piano

By James Thompson | 14th November 2014

Pianos are a Big Deal in the world of sampled virtual instruments. While on the face of it pretty straightforward, the sheer range of the instrument makes it a challenge to to capture all the sonic subtleties and then re-combine them into something with a realistic playing response. Which may go ...
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Geosonics 1.1 Update

By James Thompson | 14th October 2014

Geosonics Update
After many requests to update Geosonics with DAW-friendly automation parameters, and then some procrastination on our part - due to the size of that job - it has now been done. So now you will get you a nice clean, labelled automation track in your DAW without any need for any additional fiddling...
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Lorde + Son Lux: Drum Weapons Of Choice

By James Thompson | 12th September 2014

Lorde + Son Lux + The Conservatoire Collection + Samulnori Percussion Not a combination that I'd have predicted might work musically, or even one that I could ever have conceived of. But I guess that's the world we live in today. Where any old maverick NY-based producer can collaborate with...
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The Attic – Synths Now Available For Maschine

By James Thompson | 24th August 2014

We’re happy to release the instruments from The Attic, available as presets for both Maschine 1 and 2 users. These presets let you quickly call up any of the Attic synths (including all three Synthi variants) quickly and directly from the Maschine hardware - and of course, we’ve mapped all the m...
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Ondes v2: Sharper Look, Sharper Sound

By James Thompson | 2nd August 2014

Sometimes small improvements can make the biggest difference. Ondes v2 remains largely unchanged from the original version, one of our most enduringly popular instruments. But look closely and you'll see that the GUI is much crisper, more solid and clearer on the screen. And most importantly...
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Scriptorium : Euphony

By Dan Powell | 16th May 2014

  This script has been festering on my hard drive for years, so I thought it was about time to release it into the wild.   It’s a harmonizer script that adds voices to an input melody.  You can limit the harmonizations to a key or a chord so that the result is somewhat harmonious. In...
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Meet The Rabid Goats; Univox and Solovox

By James Thompson | 13th April 2014

Of all the instruments featured in The Attic, the Jennings Univox and the Hammond Solovox are by far the oldest and strangest. [caption id="attachment_788" align="alignleft" width="260"] Adrian Utley © Adam Gasson http://www.bristolphotoblog.com[/caption] The story behind our Univox instrumen...
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Go Kazoos.

By James Thompson | 5th April 2014

On April 1st we released Concert Kazoos - a free instrument featuring 25 tuned kazoos/ mouth horns, made by Suzuki. Was it a joke? Yes and no - we really did release the instrument, and it really was made of recordings of 25 tuned kazoos etc etc. We liked the idea of doing an April Fools releas...
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