"a wonderfully warm and dynamic palette guaranteed to enliven and humanise any project."

"An awful lot of care and work has gone into Box Of Tricks and the result is a captivating and, above all, playable set of instruments. The custom scripts are not there to show off, they are genuinely useful performance enhancers. The danger with this project could have been to veer too much toward quirkiness and whimsy, or create a set of instruments that recreate Imogen Heap songs. Luckily, this has been avoided, while still letting Imogen’s playfulness and sonic sensibility shine through. And far from being a Heap sound-alike construction set, Box Of Tricks has wide cross-genre appeal, as well as being ripe for film and TV production, and is as beguiling as the artist herself."

Simon Sherbourne, June 2016

"The union of Soniccouture’s masterful sampling and instrument building with the unbounded technological and musical creativity of Imogen is a winning combination.
"A Unique collection of masterfully sampled instruments and vocals with some innovative sound design tools."

Lynda Arnold, November 2015

"If you love organic acoustic sound design, or just high quality recordings of instruments you may not usually reach for, I definitely suggest checking this out."
St.Joe, December 2015


"An instrument collection in a class of its own, at a great price"

"Box of Tricks is sophisticated to the last detail, with exceptional-sounding, lively and superbly recorded instruments, which cannot be found elsewhere. Together with the Jammer 2.0 and the Euclidean beats one can instantly create stunning, funky compositions that sound amazing. The Mouth and body percussion kit is second to none, while with the Cocktail kit delivers beats that sound like they came stright from a super-talented drummer. The archaic Cello is unique in its fragility. The singing hoses suitable for spooky scenes. Vibraphone, glockenspiel and Array M'Bira offer convincing dynamics and variety.
The bottom line is that Box Of Tricks is an instrument collection in a class of its own, at a great price"

Andreas Ecker, November 2015

"..truly inspiring"

"How wonderful it is to get a look into the creative mind of someone like Imogen Heap, get access to the very instruments and sounds she uses in her recordings, and then have Soniccouture turn all that into an amazing collection of instruments that you can just play from behind your computer?
Each and every instrument in Box Of Tricks is wonderfully recorded, and the Kontakt scripting really takes things to another level. The Jammer, Euclidean Beats, and Harmonize scripts are truly inspiring. Be warned: You’ll easily spend hours playing around with these great sounds and tools!"
Ronnie Rekkerd, July 2016

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