Array Mbira: 9 Velocity layers, 5 octaves, 24/96 stereo sampling

Performance: Split Key mode, Strum Module, Jammer, Harmoniser

Boom Whackers: 32 velocity layers, 24/96 stereo sampling

Peformance: Carpet & Wooden beaters, Jammer, Harmoniser

Cello: 16 velocity layers (Pizzi), 3 round robin layers. 24/96 stereo sampling.

Performance: pizzicato, harmonic slides, soft bowing, reverse pizz. Volume modulation fader, Jammer, Harmoniser

Cocktail Kit with Nibbles: up to 64 velocity layers, direct + room mics, 24/96 stereo sampling

Performance: sticks, brushes, mallets. FOCUS mode, Euclidean Beats drum sequencer.

Glockenspiel: 11 velocity layers, 3 round robin layers, 24/96 stereo sampling

Performance: Jammer, Harmoniser

Marxophone: 9 velocity layers, bounced + single notes with key-off samples

Performance: Strum, Chord and Keysplit mode, Jammer, Harmoniser

Shruti Box: Spectral modelling overtone crossfading, 24/96 stereo sampling

Performance: Pressure & drift, Jammer, Harmoniser

Tongue Drum: 10 Velocity layers, 3 round robin layers, 24/96 stereo sampling

Performance: Jammer, Harmoniser

Vibraphone: 9 velocity layers, fingernails, bowed (looped), bowed (decay), 24/96 stereo sampling.

Performance: Fan modelling, Jammer, Harmoniser

Vocal Pad: Dry, Ghost, Reverse articulations, 24/96 mono sampling

Peformance: Jammer, Harmoniser

Vocal & Body Percussion Kit: 61 unique Imogen sounds, 24/48 stereo sampling

Performance: Euclidean Beats drum sequencer, FOCUS mode

Waterphone: 128 waterphone sounds performed by Imogen, 24/96 stereo sampling

Performance: FOCUS MODE, Jammer

Whirly Tubes: Full chromatic range of Whirly tube samples, performed by Imogen, 24/96 stereo sampling

Performance: Harmonic mode, Jammer, Harmoniser


Performance Modules: Euclidean Beats, Harmoniser, Jammer, Strum, FOCUS, Pressure/Drift

Synthesis: Freely configurable filter module with 14 different filter types, Filter EG, Amp EG, custom Auto-Pan, SLIM fundamental EQ

Effects: Freely configurable FX chain with 17 different insert effects available, and random DICE mode.  

Space: custom convolution reverbs recorded in Imogens house + addtional rooms, halls and SFX.

Library Specs

Kontakt Player 5.5 Compatible

30GB core sample library (13GB with Kontakts compression)

13 Kontakt Instruments

24/96 Stereo Sampling

Multiple velocity layers, round robin layers & articualtions (varies per instrument)

170 Snapshot presets

12.7 GB download delivered by Soniccouture Cloud Downloader App



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