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1. FAQ

I didn't receive an activation email when I registered

Often account activation emails end up in spam folders or junk mail filters - please double check it isn't there.

If you cannot find it, please email us and we will authorise your account.

You can reset your password using the Password Reset link.

Can I re-download my SC products any time I like? How about, say, in 5 years time?

Yes. Your user account contains downloads of all products you purchase, and you can always come and download these whenever you need to; like in the event of a hard drive failure, or setting up a new computer. There is no limit on downloads.

To download a product again, you first need to download a fresh installer app - these can only be used once.

I can't find my serial number, can you resend it?

You can find the serial number for your product (if it has one) in your account>my products.

The serial number is displayed in the product box, under the product title.

(Only Kontakt Player products require serial numbers for activation - full Kontakt format products, such as free or exclusive content, do not.)


I bought an SC product somewhere else, can I register it at Soniccouture?

Yes, you can: just go to account > register product.

And yes, you can claim one exclusive content instrument for every product you register.

Note: For technical reasons it is not possible to register Live Packs purchased at this way, you will need to contact us directly using the email form on the right and we will be happy to do it for you.

Can I sell my SC license?

Yes, this is possible for Kontakt Player products only. We charge a €25 / $25 fee to re-register the serial for the new owner. This covers our time & enables an additional Exclusive Content download.

Please email us for further details.

How many machines can I install the instrument on?

The standard Kontakt Player serial number license can be used on two machines at once. If you need more installs, addtional licenses can be purchased at 50% off, just email us to arrange this.


Kontakt Says I Need To Update, But Service Center says I am up to date?

Service Center is no longer used for NI updates (5.6.6 was the last one in Service Center), it has been replaced by Native Access

Download and run the new app and it should solve any update /activation problems.

My Library Has Disappeared From Kontakt!

This is a new feature in Kontakt where you can select which libraries show in the libraries browser. To edit, go to:

Options / Libraries

And re-select the library you want to show up.







We will do our best to answer your email within 24 hours.
Please include as much information about your problem as possible, including error messages if relevant.