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*All free Kontakt instruments require a full version of Kontakt - they will only run in demo mode in Kontakt Player. Many free instruments will also run in Ableton Live or Logic EXS24

Kontakt | EXS | LiveConcert Kazoos

25 Tuned Suzuki Kazoos, sampled with a straight face.


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KontaktRMI Rocksichord

Chunky, junky, but kind of funky. A Vintage 'Electric harpsichord' for your aural delectation.


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Kontakt | EXS | LiveSpeak & Spell

Circuit Bent madness from the iconic childrens toy. A free download for everyone, just create an account to download.


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KontaktAbstrakt Vol.1

The first ever Soniccouture product from 2005 - now available as a free download. 64 unique kontakt instruments featuring pads, special effects and atmospheres. Also includes 5 KSP scripts.


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Kontakt | BAT | RefillBrush Kit

One of our original Free products, and still a real bargain.
A full brushed Drum kit, with some great articulations.


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Scriptorium Tutorial Videos

3 walkthrough tutorials on how to use KSP scripts from Scriptorium


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Kontakt | EXS | LiveMusic Boxes

A delightful sampled set of 2 traditional music boxes.
Free download.


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A selection of 51 MIDI files from our audio demos.

These can be loaded into your DAW with the appropriate SC product for insights on how to program the instrument.


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A sonic Christmas present for one and all.


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