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Lorde + Son Lux: Drum Weapons Of Choice

By James Thompson | 12th September 2014

Lorde + Son Lux + The Conservatoire Collection + Samulnori Percussion Not a combination that I’d have predicted might work musically, or even one that I could ever have conceived of. But I guess that’s the world we live in today. Where any old maverick NY-based producer can collaborate with a crazy kiwi siren using nothing more than…

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Latest Release : The Attic

The Attic: Omnichord

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A collection of 10 vintage analogue instruments, extensively sampled and modelled in Kontakt 5.

Featuring : Synthi AKS, Roland SH2000, Roland RS202 String Machine, Omnichord, MiniKorg 700, Korg Electronic Piano, Godwin String Machine, Philicorda, Jennings Univox & Hammond Solovox

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Giant Bass Tongue Drum | DDR Toy Piano | Devilfish | Tube Drum | Bowed Gamelan

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