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Latest Release : The Attic

The Attic: Omnichord

AVAILABLE NOW  €129 | $149

A collection of 10 vintage analogue instruments, extensively sampled and modelled in Kontakt 5.

Featuring : Synthi AKS, Roland SH2000, Roland RS202 String Machine, Omnichord, MiniKorg 700, Korg Electronic Piano, Godwin String Machine, Philicorda, Jennings Univox & Hammond Solovox

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Meet The Rabid Goats; Univox and Solovox

By James Thompson | 13th April 2014

Of all the instruments featured in The Attic, the Jennings Univox and the Hammond Solovox are by far the oldest and strangest. The story behind our Univox instrument starts with Adrian Utley, one third of Portishead. Adrian is a dedicated synth aficionado and first got in contact with me to say how much he liked…

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We now have two types of free sample library here at Soniccouture :

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Exclusive Content instruments are fully featured, professional quality sampled instruments for Kontakt, Logic EXS24 and Ableton Live.

Giant Bass Tongue Drum | DDR Toy Piano | Devilfish | Tube Drum | Bowed Gamelan

These are available FREE once you have made your first purchase - if you buy one standard product, you can choose 1 Exclusive Content product, if you buy 2 products, you can choose another Exclusive product, and so on.

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