The Scripts

Analogue Oscillators II.nkp

This script will cause each note to drift in pitch slightly, and independently of each other, like old analogue oscillators sometimes do.


Allows you to designate a sound as a 'backdrop', which will just sustain behind whatever else you play without retriggering or changing pitch or playing more than one note of that sound.


Creates a 'bouncing ball' delay effect.

Brainwave Detune.nkp

Detunes the keyboard by a constant hertz value, so that the beat frequency remains constant. frequencies are fixed at brainwave frequencies for mind altering states.

Cellular Automata.nkp

This script imitates cellular automata, allowing interesting generative sequences

Chord Memory.nkp

Chord Memory is a simple way to store a chord for each pitch on the keyboard. 

Controller Delay.nkp

Controller Delay allows you to copy an input controller (i.e.. the Mod Wheel) and duplicate it on another controller a certain amount of time later... thus echoing the input controller. A very creative effect.

Controller Wobbler II.nkp

Controller Wobbler generates random controller streams while a note is held down. It allows you to generate up to 5 controller different streams.


A microtuning script, with 50 funky presets


A script to make rhythmic gating of Instruments easy and flexible.

Gauss Generator.nkp

This script generates an approximation of Gaussian noise, which it will output to a MIDI controller, or to notes, or to both.


For all your Penderecki (The Shining) or other horror-film-type string patches.

Glitch Machine.nkp

Glitch Machine generates repeated notes (drills) on a given range of keys, if a special trigger key is held down. The character of the drill can be modulated by a MIDI controller. From Konkrete Drums.

Group Delay.nkp

Group Delay allows you to delay the response of your groups in units of rhythm.

Group Phase Offset.nkp

allows you to delay the response of your groups in units as small as 1/10th of a millisecond. this allows very precise layering of waveforms.

Group Random.nkp

This script turns on groups in random sequence. 

Group Sequencer.nkp

This script turns on groups in a sequence of up to 32 steps that you can define It's a bit like 'Round Robin' on steroids.


Jammer is a performance tool for generating random-ish notes. Itís similar to an arpeggiator in that notes you hold down will be played automatically, but the note triggered is randomly selected from those you hold down. From Pan Drum and other SC products.

Just Intonation.nkp

this script allows you to experiment with just intonations. You can store up to twelve notes (one per key class), and you can transpose the entire output.


This script generates a response note after your played note (at note-off time of the input note), of the same duration as the played note, but usually a different pitch.The intent is to generate a ìsecond playerî that plays notes in between your notes... 

Left Hand Free.nkp

A performance based script to split the keyboard in such a way that the sustain pedal only works in the lower register, and the pitch bend only works in the upper register. This can be very useful for live performance.

LFO Design.nkp

LFO Design lets you draw a waveform, which is then sent to a controller defined by ìCCî in the lower right corner.


Mobile is a group manipulation script, in which sound objects are able to drift in time, a bit like objects on a hanging mobile drift in space.

Mobile Drums.nkp

Mobile Drums is similar to the previous Mobile script, in that the position of hits are able to drift freely, but this script is optimized for use with drum kits.

Mod Wheel Glissando.nkp

This script will let you 'strum' a glissando, like a harp, using the Mod Wheel or any other controller. 

Morse Code.nkp

Choose your words and letters, and listen to the rhythm of those letters in Morse code.

Organ Stops.nkp

A simple script for building organ Instruments.

Pentagonal Pyramid.nkp

A chord generator that only works on the black keys.. specifically for use with pentatonic scales. 


Phraser is a type of sequencer that allows you to record and then manipulate a monophonic phrase to a polyphonic output.

Pitch Filter.nkp

This script will only allow pitches through that are selected in the interface.

Ring Harmonizer.nkp

This script creates a harmony in a similar way to a Ring Modulator, except that it does not work on the audio itself, but on the last two notes of input.


Shredder keeps playing notes at the speed you set, but randomly jumps around in the sample to different places.

Tape Wow II.nkp

Simulates a bad old tape machine, or the pitch drift found in old National Film Board of Canada documentaries.

Tremolo Control II.nkp

This script generates a tremolo if a certain key is depressed. an updated version of the Kim Tremolo script.

Unison Z.nkp

The ultimate osc detune script, with dry and wet control, spread, sample start offset and fade in.