"So far off the usual path you'll need a map and torch to get home. "

"To appreciate it fully requires a fair investment of time, but it's time you won't begrudge...Each kit has a very specific identity, and Soniccouture have done a remarkable job, whether sampling Epson printers, vacuum-cleaner tubes or sledge's a masterclass in creative sampling"
"Thanks to its fast editing, beat shifting and glitches, Konkrete is an inspiring drum machine and a source of wildly unusual loops. It could be the ideal place to head whenever you're in need of edgy, creative stimulation."
Paul Nagle, Sound On Sound Magazine

"really detailed and just sounds plain good." - J.k. Swopes


"an incredible amount of sculpting ability.. a world of sound to explore in the 92 kits - enough to keep most producers busy for quite some time."- Mark Strauss

" Intuitive, fun, great-sounding and flexible, this library is as close as it gets to indispensable."
Full review at Music Radar
"The unashamedly electronic sounds are truly stunning.. 10/10"
" A true secret weapon for stunning creations and futuristic beats, not only for IDM producers."