"..this is a forensic sampling job that captures the instrument’s tone all the way..
enormously playable and touch‑sensitive"

Dave Stewart, Jan 2012


"Great sounding Wurlitzer. It perfectly captures the character and attitude of the instrument"

Peter Henderson, producer : Supertramp

"wanted to say again that the Broken Wurly is just...simply...perfect! I've long hoped that SC would work their talent for exceptional sonic perfection on a rock icon and the BW is it. I love all the uniqueness you've captured here. This is rare beast and I get to keep the dust and the grit before it's gone. Lots of K4 programming options with L and R speaker and Line out. Great brit EQs and a huge chunk of your sound design presets"  

Doug Harris

" when I got Broken Wurli I was immediately knocked out by the sound.. and it doesn't have to be "broken" either.."   

Dave Polich

"Playing around with this library vs. Scarbee leads me to believe it is more organic and fluid as well as deeper and more versatile."

M.h. Schmeider

"Just want to tip my hat - Broken Wurli is bloody brilliant! Until now the only other sampled electric piano I used was Sampletekk's - a Rhodes, but also recorded through an amplifier and loudspeakers. Something about that combo!!"

Bill Thompson

"I like what you guys are doing for quite a while, but Broken Wurli tops everything else so far for me. You captured this beast with an authenticity and aliveness that's unbelievable. I always liked e-pianos up to a point but this thing is doin' it on a whole different level.It roars and stinks and bites and breathes and purrrrrrrrs... It just can't get any better!"

Thomas Helzle

"It's an awesome product. Using it for the new Johnny Walker commercial now."    

Dan Delaney


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