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The first ever Soniccouture product.

250MB Sample library

16 Bit 44.1khz samples

64 Kontakt instruments

5 KSP Scripts


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Abstrakt Vol.1



Way back in August 2005, two sound designers called James Thompson and Dan Powell, freshly adrift from the R&D centre of a well known japanese music company, collaborated with Native Instruments on a library called ‘Kontakt Experience’.

A lot of material was created for this project, and only a certain amount was released by NI. Dan and James decided to release the remainder under their own brand - Soniccouture.

The library of effects and atmospheric synthesis was named ‘Abstrakt Vol.1’. A basic website was put up; offering CDs for sale via paypal - this was before the days of large downloads. Sales started to come in, and the rest is history. Soniccouture went on to become pioneers of downloadable sample libraries, offering the service before any of the larger companies.

Soniccouture's ethos of creating unusual sample libraries of exotic sounds and instruments controlled by creative custom KSP scripting proved very popular, and has spawned many imitators over the years.


We have re-released our first product as freeware - the scripting and graphics may look a little old fashioned, but the sounds still sound pretty fresh to us! We include the original scripts - more developed versions of these are to be found in our script product Scriptorium.

Soniccouture Abstrakt Vol.1 CD

The original CD edition of Abstrakt Vol.1