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Bowed Gamelan


The Wrong Way Can Be The Right Way

Following a Soniccouture tradition of playing instruments the wrong way, we present this unique library of a Bowed Gamelan instrument.  This library is actually made from just one instrument of the gamelan ensemble, the ugal.   This is pitched in the middle of the gamelan range, and so is quite versatile and generally leads the gangsa section of a traditional Balinese group.  This instrument has 14 keys which cover a range of almost 3 octaves. 

The metal Ugal keys were bowed using a standard cello bow, vertically across the thin edge of the metal. Instead of a conventional microphone, a Trance Audio Trance Inducer contact mic was used. This gives the sound an incredibly detailed, surgical scraping quality.

Bowed Gamelan
Bowed Gamelan

The Sampled Instrument

The instrument was sampled at 44.1kHz, 24 bit, in mono.  There are five round robins of both the main bowed sound, and five round robins of the key-off (release) ringing of the instrument for a total of 140 samples.  The samples are looped with a bow change included in the loop, for a natural sounding sustain.


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