Scriptorium : Cluster

By Dan Powell  |  23.07.2013


Cluster is a KSP script that creates tone clusters.

You often hear this kind of effect in horror movie soundtracks, and in certain contemporary classical music.  It’s no big secret that I love this sort of stuff.

The script generates extra notes near the input MIDI note, and using a knob or controller you can move the notes nearer or further away from the centre pitch.   This is different from a fist cluster on a piano since we generate pitches “in between” the distinct MIDI notes, so these are microtonal clusters in a sense.

You can set the number of Voices between 1 and 12.   For each voice there is a deviation amount, seen at the bottom of the interface here as Dev 1 through Dev 12.   These are cent deviations from the played pitch.  Obviously Cluster will use a lot of polyphony if generating 12 voices for each input note.


The Cluster knob can be controlled with the Deviate CC controller, so you can perform or sequence moving away from unison to maximum cluster and back again to unison.    Randomize will generate a set of Deviations within the set Range, and has a gaussian distribution so notes closer to the centre are more likely than notes further away from the centre. In the drop down menu you can set the Deviations to be recalculated for each note if you like.




Requires Kontakt 4.2.4 or later.