Review of original 'Hang Drum' product from 2008. Halo and Tongue drums added in 2011

"There's nothing quite like it on the market, so if you're on the lookout for new sounds I suggest you buy a copy before it gets plastered over umpteen movie soundtracks.."

5 stars - Dave Stewart


"This is definitely the most sophisticated sample set I own, of any instrument."

"..Soniccouture's library comes in two flavors, the Hang Mk1 (the 8-dimple variety), and the newer Hang Mk2, with 7 dimples. I'm loath to go in to great detail about what's provided, as we'll be here all day, and that's not really the purpose of this website. Suffice to say that if it's possible to make a particular sound with a hang drum, Soniccouture sampled it, at multiple velocity layers, and three samples of each. Literally every single possible sound has a round-robin layer, so you don't get the typical "I'm whackin' this key over and over again" vibe. At all.

This is definitely the most sophisticated sample set I own, of any instrument. Where Soniccouture really shines, as usual, is in the Kontakt skripts. The way they've set the initial patch up, you can literally make your settings (root key, note speed, and how much randomization you're in the mood for) and mash down a bunch of keys on your keyboard, and you have Cool Shit. It is so easy to get something interesting out of this.."

Chris Randall


"I’m pretty excited about this instrument!.. an absolute joy to play with.. probably the closest you’ll ever get to playing a hang without actually having one in your lap."

Ronnie Rekkerd

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