The Canterbury Suitcase Released To Wide Acclaim

By Soniccouture  |  17.08.2017


Since it’s release at the beginning of August 2017, we have been stunned by the response to this instrument. Here’s what Canterbury users have been saying:

For me it sounds like the Rhodes recordings I have done, without all the time required to set up a real instrument. The quality and detail of the amp recording means I don’t need to waste time with amp sims. This is excellent.” – Gearslutz Forum

I’m just stunned by how great this is. I’ve been using Neo Soul for a while, and the Canterbury Suitcase is over the top. 21-25 velocities is better than any other Rhodes I’ve seen. .. just exquisite.Gearslutz Forum


I have more than a few virtual Rhodes, but this one is outstanding: I caved and am being richly rewarded for doing so.VI Control


This is without a doubt the best Rhodes sim. on the planet. This is 100% my old Rhodes. Even the pedal functions are accurate. “ Jason Reimer, via email


I bought it. Love the thunk and the fact Brass Cap 414s were used to record it.VI Control


Game over. This is The One! As of this weekend, this library has kicked ALL of my other Rhodes libraries to the curb forever. This one lives and breathes likes the real thing. So much more life to it, at ANY setting.” Mark Schmeider, Motu Nation