Scriptorium : Smart Pitch Bend

By Dan Powell  |  07.11.2013


One of our customers, Jean-Philippe from France, suggested we make a script for frustrated guitarists trying to mimic guitar pitch bend techniques on a keyboard. Here’s the first incarnation of that idea below. Thanks JP.


This script overrides any normal pitch bend that might be programmed into an Instrument.

There are three knobs, and all can be automated. The first is the Pitch Bend TYPE, and the second two are just the range for upper and lower bends in semitones.

Smart Pitch Bend

There are 6 types of pitch bend included here:

  • All – this bends all notes, like normal pitch bend
  • Last – bends only the last note played
  • Highest – bends only the highest note being held down
  • Lowest – bends only the lowest note being held down
  • Held – bends only notes being held down (not those in release )
  • Release – bends only the notes in release (not those being held down)

The last one, Release, is obviously impossible on a guitar, but can be fun to play with.


Works in Kontakt 4.2.4 or later.