Scriptorium : Channel Rotate

By Dan Powell  |  14.01.2014


In the comments of the last KSP post Kevin suggested an idea for a channel rotate script, much like the Alternate Assign MIDI mode of some early Yamaha synths like the TX-81Z or TX-802. In this mode, each note received was sent to a successive channel in the multi. It made for some interesting sequencing possibilities, or even a kind of random chord divisi system.


This is another idea that works best at the Multi level, so this is our multi script post number 2, Channel Rotate:



You can set the type of rotating “direction” with the pull-down menu on the left.  The choices are Forward, Backward, Back and Forth, or Random.   The range of start and ending channel are set with the Start and End Channel menus.   Note that it’s up to you to make sure these channel slots are occupied or not: the script rotates through the defined channels, NOT the loaded instruments.    You can use up to 64 MIDI channels in Kontakt.

Continuous Controllers are slightly strange for this script.   I’ve decided to route them to the current channel, that selected by the last received note-on message.   Since you can hold down many notes, this means that the current channel can be changed before a given note is finished.    The Sustain Pedal (CC 64) is therefore a particularly dangerous controller, so if the Disable Sustain button is switched on all Sustain Pedal messages will be ignored.   You can turn this off tho, if you like living dangerously.



Works with Kontakt 4.2.4 or later.