Scriptorium : Beat Shredder

By Dan Powell  |  23.09.2013


The idea for Beat Shredder was suggested by one of our users; thanks Flavio!

It’s intended for use with drum loops (or other rhythmic loops) and allows you to randomize the start time of the loop in rhythmic values. That is, if the script is ACTIVE and you play a note, the start time will be a random offset from the beginning, but in multiples of a certain note LENGTH.

It’s important to remember that you must set your sample to loop correctly at the tempo set in Kontakt or your host sequencer.  The example instrument included below works properly when Kontakt is set to 102 bpm.   The script uses the tempo to calculate the note LENGTH divisions, so the loop and tempo must be set correctly.  (Also remember that for any script using start time offset, you need to have Kontakt in “sampler” mode.)

You can Activate the script with the button at the top left, and using the key defined below that button turn it on or off via MIDI.


The LENGTH and RANGE knobs allow you to set the size of the note division and the Range over which to randomize the start time.   Usually you would set the Range to the number of bars in your loop.

Below the ACTIVE button on the left you will also see buttons for REPEAT and HOLD.   REPEAT will keep retriggering the sample at random points as long as a note is held down.   HOLD will stop the slices from being randomized, so when HOLD is down you will repeat a single slice.   Both these controls also have MIDI Key assignments so that they can be easily automated from a sequencer.

Finally the DIVISOR knob is relevant only in REPEAT mode, and it speeds up the repetitions if you want to use this to create glitch or drill effects.


Works in Kontakt 4.1 or later.
Beat Shredder works best before any other scripts in the script chain.