Roli + Ondioline

By James Thompson  |  26.01.2016


Roli sent us a Seaboard RISE to try out; here’s James noodling somewhat poorly with Ondioline.

The Seaboard Rise is a very effective partner for the Ondioline instrument – I can’t think of any other controller which enables such a realistic emulation of the original units lateral vibrato keyboard. The Seaboard is much more flexible than that, though – the Ondioline keyboard could move side to side, but that was all – with the Seaboard completely fluid slides (in all directions) are possible, and the pressure sensitivity is also possible, although it takes some practice to play softly enough to be able to use it well.

The Seaboard is pretty easy to get used to, but you can imagine there is scope to become a real virtuoso with it.