Scriptorium: Last Note Pitch Bend Download

By Dan Powell | 16th July 2013

Following the release of our D6 virtual instrument – Clav - some people with real-life experience playing a Hohner Clavinet mentioned that on their instrument they were able to bend the pitch of a note if they pushed down firmly on the keys.  The D6 we have in our studio does not do this, however, no matter how hard we press the keys.

It seems that on many Clavinets the hammer tips get worn down over the years, and the key tabs bent out on an angle so that the string is not trapped flush between the hammer and the harp.

clavtip If there is a small gap there you might be able to bend the string slightly since the hammer would have some play.  I’m guessing that because we had our unit refurbished with new hammers I’m unable to bend the strings on this instrument.

Still, pitch bend by pressure is an interesting performance idea, so we’ve written a KSP script to add that feature to our Clav library, and to any other Kontakt instrument for that matter.


Aftertouch BendUsing this script you can set the bend range in cents, up to a maximum of 2.00 semitones, although I find smaller values feel more “natural” for this slight wobble.  The pitch bend works on the last note played only, avoiding the rather synthetic sound of all notes bending simultaneously.

For Clav, this script works best when loaded in the last (far-right) script position.  Of course you can use this with any library, not just Clav.   If you use it on a harpsichord patch you can create an effect somewhat like an 18th century clavichord.

This kind of feature would work much better with polyphonic key pressure, then each key could be bent independently, but poly AT is quite a rare feature on contemporary keyboards.   (Perhaps it’s about to make a comeback?)


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Requires Kontakt 4.2.4 or later.

Quick Guide : Loading KSP Scripts into Kontakt.

  • You will need a full license of NI Kontakt ; you cannot edit Kontakt Player patches in this way.
  • Copy the script (.nkp file) to : User/ Documents/ Native Instruments/ Kontakt 4 or 5/ Presets/ Scripts
  • Open a Kontakt instrument (.nki) in edit mode, by clicking the Wrench icon shown below script-edit-spanner
  • Open the Script Editor, and click on the last tab on the far right , pictured below :Script-last-tab
  • Go to the Script Editor preset menu, and navigate to the User section. You should see your recently added script there. Select it to load.Script-menu
  •  You can now save the Kontakt instrument (.nki) as a new version, and it will load with the script already in place.


  • Charlie

    Very cool to be getting these. Shame the script is password protected though; would love to see how its done.

  • OhmLab

    Thanks, Dan. Your scripting prowess is still unparalleled.

  • Soniccouture

    Sorry Charlie..! Thanks OhmLab!

  • Skye Stephen

    Much appreciated.

  • Michael

    if these are locked, is commercial library design is not allowed using these scripts?

  • Lindon Parker

    perhaps you can simulate poly AT by varying the bend amount on all currently held keys?

    • Dan Powell

      Yes, that’s an interesting idea Lindon, we do something like that in the Guzheng script so that each note can bend in key. But there is still only one controller being sent from the keyboard, so for realtime use it’s much more limited than poly AT.

      • Lindon Parker

        Oh yeah for sure, but even just using aftertouch its possibly closer to the real-word where the user would be pressing down with uneven pressure across all the held notes…still I dont own one of these and cthus I’ve never done this so ymmv ..maybe offer it as an optional switch.?

  • Chris V.

    Thanks for doing this! Soniccouture is simply the best!