Abstrakt Bass


Complete Bass Solution for your DAW

A One-Stop Bass shop - Electrics, Upright, Drones, Dub basses, dry snappy synths, massive snarling filter sweeps, evil distorted groans and moans - all in one package. Every type of Bass sound is covered in the Library, making it incredibly simple to load up the exact bass you need in seconds - or scroll through instruments to try out lots of different basses in your track.

Full Sampling and Synthesis Control:

Each of the 140 Kontakt instruments offers a huge range of control over the sound. Each instrument is a mini-synthesiser in itself! 8 control knobs are instantly accessible in the rack view of Kontakt, allowing you to simply tweak the attack time or filter cutoff, or to completely re-shape the entire sound - it's up to you.

Huge Range of Bass Timbres

Soniccouture have put their expert sampling skills to work recording detailed multi-sampled 24-bit waveforms from a vast array of classic Bass instruments. This gives Abstrakt Bass a unique sonic breadth unobtainable from any conventional synth - from fat vintage analogue waveforms, complex, heavy FM synthesis, Studio-recorded Electric Bass Guitars and amps right through to completely new creations from the cutting edge of sound design.

VARI-AMP Sampling

The Electric Bass Guitars included in Abstrakt : Bass feature a unique edge - the ability to mix the original amp and D.I. signals to suit your track. Each note of the guitar is represented by 3 24-bit samples: D.I., Close Mic ( AKG D112 ) and Distant Mic ( Rode K2 ). This gives you complete control over the natural studio sound of the bass and the amp.

Categorised For Ease of Use

To make it easy to work with such a large number of Instruments, Abstrakt Bass is divided into the following sub-categories :

1. Abstrakt BassThe most unusual Bass sounds in the collection, Low-end oddities and extra characterful sounds of the collection. The Bass sounds that make a track stand out when you need something more than just a standard bass sound.

2. Distortion and Drama - Nasty overdriven growlers and howlers, and the really big atmospheric basses that fill a track with a sense of drama and foreboding. Particularly appropriate for Drum and Bass, IDM, film music, Trance etc.

3. Drones and EffectsLong, spacey low-end experiments - Film soundtracks and ambient style. With these instruments it's often enough to hold down one note and slowly tweak and modulate..

4. Dry SynthBig electro sawtooths, offbeat trance basses, percussive squares, pulse warps, blocky FM -it's all here. Raw, vintage waveforms sampled from the original hardware and given the full Soniccouture Sampling + Synthesis treatment so that you can shape each sound precisely for your track.

5. Electric and AcousticSlap, Dub, Picked, Fingered, Upright - Every natural bass sound required for contemporary production styles. Electric bass Instruments feature VARI-AMP sampling - mix between D.I., close mic and distant mic at the tweak of a knob. Stunningly elegant control over your sound.

6. Sub BassesWe know how hard it is to find a really good Sub bass - and we also know that they are not all the same! So we wanted to include a good selection of heavy, smooth subsonic rumbles from the worlds most famous bass synths. 

7. Synth ClassicsA wide selection of all time greats in one place : Alpha Juno Hoovers, 303, Jupiter PWM, Mini Detune, Lately Bass, SH-101, 808 kick bass, House organ basss and many more.


Abstrakt Bass