Win Soniccouture's Rock Creek Tongue Drums

1st August 2011

Rock Creek Tongue Drums
Rock Creek Tongue Drum

We are accumulating quite a few instruments at Soniccouture HQ, so we decided that it might be nice to offer some of them as prizes to our faithful customers.

For the next 3 months we will be giving away a different instrument each month, starting today with the fabulous Rock Creek Tongue Drums from our recent PAN DRUMS product.

Rockcreek Steel Drums is one of the largest manufacturers of steel drum musical instruments in the United States. Arguably also inspired by the Hang, their steel tongue drum is a newly developed instrument that is a cross between a traditional Caribbean steel drum, a wooden tongue drum and a Kalimba. 

Soniccouture Pan Drums features a pair of tongue drums tuned chromatically, played with mallets. The sound is much brighter and more delicate than the Hang or Halo, and complements those instruments very nicely.


The competition is now closed.

We're pleased to announce that Stephen Barr of Pennsylvania, USA, is the winner of our Rock Creek Tongue Drums.