The Scriptorium Unlocked

The Scriptorium Unlocked

By Soniccouture  |  12.07.2013

The KSP hardcore and Kontakt tweakers out there will know our Scriptorium product well; a collection of tools, effects, and creative ideas for Kontakts script processor.

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Since that time we have never stopped working with KSP, of course – all our instruments rely heavily on scripts to give them their function as well as their character. Aside from the instrument specific scripts used for our products, there is also Dan’s private collection of ideas & experiments – the ‘inner sanctum’ of the Scriptorium.

We had planned, at some point, to make Scriptorium II – but in all honesty Soniccouture’s production and release schedule is busy enough, and it never seems to be the right time.

So, starting next week, we will release a new script from the inner sanctum every few weeks via this blog. For free. We want to stimulate your inner sound designer; to encourage discussion and experimentation – every Scriptorium post will be an open forum for further suggestions, tips and ideas, which Dan will respond to when he can.

Additionally, to further fuel your sound design urges, we will be permanently dropping the price of the original Scriptorium product to just €29 / $39.

The first instalment from the inner sanctum will follow shortly.

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